About us

About Us

Who We Are.

Founded in 1984 as a machine workshop with several employees.
Komak – M from Aleksinac was very fast in paving its the way for long-term progress and development.

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Best Quality

Our Values.

From the beginning committed to manufacturing plumbing fittings,
we understood seriously the tasks that needed to be filled.

So we opened the door to high technology in the processing of brass
and we invested in machinery and equipment mainly of Italian production.

High Quality Products

guided by business policy, goal of which is a wide range of high quality products

Young, Educated Team

that fully meet all the requirements of the market, our partners and customers

Years of Experience

after more then three decades of hard work, today we are proud to say that we fulfill that goal

Of course...

Our work in innovation and quality improvement doesn't stop there

For sure improvement we have a clear program headed by a young, educated team

We are proud to say that the first rule of every individual in our company is

A satisfied customer is a sure buyer

Therefore, in addition to the regular certification of each product,
we are in compliance with European standards in the constant introduction of newer and more strict quality systems.

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